Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service offers fully managed Pensions, ISAs & GIAs for all inclusive fees of 0.57% to 0.87% a year.

Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service offers a fully managed pension (with SIPP commercial property functionality), ISA and GIA, together with full support from a named relationship manager.


A summary of our Managed Portfolio Service

  • Intelligent Money was established in 2002 and is an FCA Authorised and Regulated investment management company running c. £2bn of asset.
  • We are always here to provide advisers with in-depth information and support to assist you with providing ongoing solutions for your clients’.
  • We offer fully passive portfolios (IM Index), weighted managed tracker portfolios (IM Optimum) and a fully managed stock selection portfolio (PH Equity).
  • There are no platform fees, saving your clients’ further costs.
  • Furthermore, all dealing/trading fees are also fully inclusive.
  • You can switch clients’ between portfolios at any time at no charge.
  • Our total annual cost is just 0.57% to 0.87% a year (with a one off 1.5% initial transaction fee to process contributions). There are no other fees whatsoever.
  • The minimum investment criteria is £100,000 (subject to certain exceptions – please call us).


If this resonates with you then find out more by calling us on 0115 94 84 200 or clicking the links above. We welcome working with new advisers and always strive to be flexible in order to fit within your individual client’s circumstances and requirements.

In addition to our Managed Portfolio Service we also offer an Automatic Enrolment qualifying workplace pension scheme and a non-advised Direct Offer proposition for financial advisers to offer to appropriate clients’ (further details on these can be found under the OTHER SERVICES tab)