Other Services

We offer access to our Managed Portfolio Service via qualifying workplace pensions and an adviser only direct offer service


This enables advisers to offer access to our Managed Portfolio Service (together with a Default Portfolio) via company pension schemes.

We work closely with AutoEnroll.Me, which provides a full on-boarding and compliance service that manages the whole process, generates and stores the correct compliance documentation and handles the payroll uploads on your behalf.

The entire system is automated and can accept every employee from every company without limitation or scheme pricing.

The software also features an adviser portal (where advisers can see all their clients), an employer portal (where companies can view everything relating to their scheme) and an employee portal (where individual members can access information regarding their individual schemes).


Managed Direct offers access to our Managed Portfolio Service through an non-advised Direct Offer service which can be branded to your own firm and sit on your website.

All firms are now required to have in place an appropriate service proposition for all clients – including those for whom the traditional face-to-face advice route may not be suitable or appropriate – in order to meet FCA requirements.

Managed Direct offers just this, whilst still enabling adviser charging for your ongoing support of such clients online and/or over the phone.

You and your clients’ will be able to monitor investments, holdings, valuations and all documentation on any desktop/laptop/tablet/phone using our online IMAP system, with your clients’ able to make changes whenever required.

The entire process is paperless, simple and efficient.