Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is sophisticated, global, yet simple. We manage money actively, using passive investments.


We provide fully managed pensions (with SIPP property functionality) and ISAs.

Our starting position is based upon two statistical facts. Firstly, that asset allocation is the key driver of investment returns. Secondly, that active stock picking does not consistently deliver higher returns than the markets themselves.

We therefore buy the markets directly (using high quality index trackers selected for their low costs and high market correlation) and then actively manage the all important asset allocation

Markets are weighted (or omitted all together) based upon the objectives of each portfolio.

This is best described as an Active:Passive approach which we consider offers the very best of both worlds.

We have 5 different levels of risk/reward or, alternatively, 2 different target date portfolios that will blend through appropriate levels of risk/reward over the years based upon each client’s end requirement (drawing down income, or withdrawing a lump sum, at each client’s target date).

The total annual cost is an all inclusive 0.87% a year with a one-off 1.5% transaction charge.


Regardless of whether your clients are building wealth or drawing down an income from it, it is important that their investments are being managed in a way that always puts each client’s individual requirements first.

This is precisely what our Managed Portfolio Service is designed to achieve.

We believe that risk management should be the core driver of the investment management process and offer two ways of delivering this, via five risk-rated managed model portfolios and two highly sophisticated target-dated portfolios, all of which are internally mandated for discretionary management to awward winning fund manager, Will Dickson, at P1 Investments.

Our portfolios comprehensively cover all major asset classes including cash, fixed interest (UK and Global), equities (Small, Medium and Large cap – UK, European, North American, South American, Far East, Emerging Markets, etc.) and alternatives (Property, Gold, Agriculture, etc.).

These asset classes are then weighted (or omitted altogether) depending on each portfolio’s different remit and the prevalent market conditions at any given point in time and then regularly reviewed and amended.


  • Fully managed pensions and ISAs with an fully inclusive 0.87% OCF
  • Active asset allocation management rather than active stock selection
  • No platform or wrapper costs (including drawdown) and no SIPP commercial property fees
  • Fully online systems and reporting for you, with online view only access for your clients
  • Named adviser consultant and full back office support
  • An established (approaching 20 years) provider running £2bn of client asset